1) Play 2 hours of EVE Online and re-evaluate your opinion of your known world.

2) Write a cosmogenesis. However long you want. Or if you prefer, and don’t believe in a cosmogenesis, write something comparable to an apotheosis for yourself.

3) Buy a bottle of whiskey, instead of vodka, and smoke a cigar on a Thursday. Appreciate abundance.

4) Learn how to display a die, whose opposite sides total 7, and make their total other than 7.

5) Tune/re-string your guitar.


1) Read the tarot with this question in mind: What can I do?

2) Gain a victory that you would not otherwise normally achieve.

3) Better a bottle of whiskey, and smoke a cigar on a Thursday. Appreciate abundance.

4) Don’t make any of your challenges contingent upon other’s weaknesses. Hint: play Enochian Chess.

5) Write a cosmogenesis. However long you want. Or if you prefer, and don’t believe in a cosmogenesis, write something comparable to an apotheosis for yourself.


3 to 6

And I moved my thoughts slightly, and he moved the sunlight.

3 to 6

As three is to six, so is one to twelve. – Sangdoclentine

Understand there is gold. There is also Gold. And Sun. Do not confuse the sun with the Sun, for the Son is the Sun’s son. This as has been written about in the books of old, of numbers and epistles, of beginning and kings.

In order to work nature, one must be nature. Now this strenuous effort is made less by the caput mortuum, a craft that is. Copper is mixed in five parts seven, and gold cannot be made from copper alone, but is aided by the non-discreet mercury – an occult privilege among the learned that is two-fold, of which I have already made mention of one part very clearly.

Ten is what we shall work with, for the time being. I break from four, and achieve ten. Always. Wherefore the four arise? Clearly there is one. I maintain that signs and tessellations have no authority themselves, however the goodly untoward from which they arise the one, makes sense to the initiated and baffles and bewilders other less constructive thinkers.

A middle ground may be struck, and is by Truth the True way to traverse any and all. Three there is: the mercury, the sulfur, and the salt. Of course.

Understand there is gold.

9 Unto 10 and Laboriously 10 Unto 9

And so, twelve is to twenty three. – Sangdoclentine

The reversal is talked about by a great many learned and yet not understanding, not wise. For to be wise in such efforts requires ex nihilo. By God’s grace is such a reversal possible, but wisdom has been lost for to observe the third dimension, the third elementary rank, is manifold and may require up to fifty strenuous efforts – of which some are bound to be more akin to tin or copper than lead or iron. They are. But that neither is the way, for three in third is only possible by a descent from ten unto nine, a quickstep into imagination. Care must be taken not to confuse one however.

The world can provide a great difficulty for Saturn does guard and require discrimination. Lest the fool does walk off the cliff, and is not caught by his little god.

I suppose that is not what one is about, however.

One is reversed easily, and yet two does not even come into such matters.

One is to be added to one to still get a number other than.

One is still, and becomes ex nihilo.

One is spoken about here and now, to get a feel for what is above. For it is true that one thing may be accomplished by somewhere.

Why I’m Cool

Why I’m cool:

I can tantalize you with spider words from the dream, distracting images from the aether that..shuffle and quicksilver into nonsense and back again out of entropy, conceptualized into dynamic forces that are perceived as they become static, returning their form unto entropy. I will lead you into awakened awareness of who you are, as I become more aware of who I am. Of what I am.

I am the elocution of a shapeshifter’s tongue. I speak the words of Metatron, the voice of god. I have the mind of a mage, and my body is the vision of the machinery of the universe, I am Shaddai El Chai, the Living God. We are all here together in the physical body Colter Ross Books Davis dan der Sangdoclentine. Smaragdine Sangdoclentine. I am dragon-born, troll-friend, goblin-dancer, elf-thinker. I am the recombinant estoterica given flow. I am the side-stepper/worker of the unacknowledged realities, I take my tools and work wonders in coincidence, the other side of coincidence and the facilitator of positive enchantments.

Together we shall traverse an infinite potential, growing in effectiveness and turning ourselves unto our love, our friendship, and our trust in ourselves so that we may come to find the “reality” is just part of that life-tree.

I work wonders with quickstep, plants, water, heat and expansion, and thought – that is, quickstep.

Welcome to the greatest game ever played, welcome to the only game in “town.” Welcome to your friendly neighborhood-cosmological-mage, who works hidden in the unseen blackness to bring effortless good to all I touch. Welcome to the land where machinery cities churn, footsteps dance without feet, snow falls into the crossroads of eyesight, cold climate, and passionate yearning, oh yes, and snowflakes fall into learning.

I am the rhythmic tones of equality, system making and minutia moving. I am confidence inspiring, strength to protect. I am the sea of emeralds sailed upon by the dragons of yore. I am the ebb and flow of that dragon’s name, brought into awareness by gods of magic Munglof, Mystra, Azuth, Azoth, THOTH, Hermes, Hermes Trismigistus, and the Ancient Teachers – The Magi. I am word written and unspoken.

Welcome to me, welcome to you, welcome, welcome one and all, welcome, welcome to it all.

A Yellow Gate Opens Five Times

A Yellow Gate Opens Five Times

A yellow gate opens five times,

leading us down a road.

Footsteps stepping across the stones of

a passing river, one that won’t be there long.

The second is a story making its way

down to a stone where people buy

games and tickets an rides that they

can’t find anywhere but here.

Almost as though they were all

traveling the same path going to the

same place, wondering about all the things they

saw along the way.

Until they come to a bar where no one

else is around and Stop!

We all look around to make sure we’re not alone,

and that the other people are still around us.

For to travel a road alone is a scary thing

and to see a shadow even if it’s a tree

sends shivers down the spine until we fall

asleep, or wake up.

Because we love them, we don’t always see

what is in front of us or know what we

see isn’t how it is but that’s okay too

because these people need us the way we are.

So maybe they can go away later and come

back someday to help us see things the

way we need to see them. In the meantime

it’s just yelling and passing the time.

And there was a song that my mother used to

sing to me when I was young that is still

playing somewhere in the back of my mind.

Maybe it’s one of those doors back in the beginning.

And there’s a lot of different songs you hear in life,

all of them telling you can do this, you can do that,

all the while not being what you think and that

makes you think later its the devil acting up inside you.

But it’s not and whatever happens in life you

always go back to the places that you once knew, that are

the way they used to be, all until you’ve gotten

everything out of them that you need.

The mean guys and the bad guys

make it seem like it won’t ever end,

or ever have anything to do with

anything but what we owe one another.

Little do they know there’s more to it

and more than them that know that

one thing is as another in the long journey

that only has one thing at the end.

And waiting and working do get to be a

tiring to one’s soul, and it dies more times than

you can count but that’s okay because that’s

what it is there for.

Time passes like a walking stick

where one of us asks the other for it and

gives it away without a thought, somewhere

a magician is yelling where all his wands went.

Other times you stop at a waterfall and

your mouth drops open in appreciation or

awe you can’t make up your mind because the

other understands that is what it’s there for.

One man sees a man eating and asks

for a bite, he says okay and gives the rest away.

Some people yell and some people wonder

but we all known this is what we do.

Our family we grow up with and play

games with, then we grow up and play

games we shouldn’t with, until we find that

too’s a game and it’s just to keep an

Eye on something we don’t want to let go of

quite yet, which is okay because in this

place we don’t have to. We can just do

what we need to do and it all works out.

At times we seem bigger than anything,

other times we see it isn’t big it’s just us going away,

so we can come back again with something in some

way just a little bit different.

Accidents do happen though, and it only takes

the smallest of things to send us off and running

to the ends of the earth hoping we can fix it

When we may not have to, but we do it anyway.

And it isn’t until you sit down and

write it all out that you think maybe that friend

back in school wasn’t crazy or wrong when he would

look at you and smile and tell you it was all his doing.

And you smile back and you cry and you laugh

and it’s okay because it understands that too.

History rewrites itself around you until it doesn’t

need to and everything is either you or that other

if she trained you well. Sometimes things have to

be out-of-sight for awhile.

Just remember that the things in your head

stay there, but can affect what you do to things around you,

and it’s not a question of science or magic or

philosophy or arguing or being sick or healthy.

It’s just dieing, something we all do and got

to do. But a boy and his dog can seem like

a bubble to a distant constellation, in a world that’s

moving faster than a strong man lifts a brick

And the gears inside us make sure we aren’t

ever in a place that we don’t need to be in

for a period of time that is going to

Asleep we find out much about ourselves

we could never awake. Things change at a

more appropriate rate and everything we thinks

going on we see isn’t.

Time goes slow and fast, over

and over again just enough to

remind us that we aren’t in charge and have

No Idea what’s going on.

Except that it’s for the better. And

what seems hard and impossible at some times

seems easy at others, so maybe we

shouldn’t try so hard.

And somewhere there’s a kid hollering

at his mom about his lost dog that

maybe his sister took out and never

brought back. So he hollers and yells.

We all meet each other at different points

of our lives and the one we love may

in fact not be just one, but all

around us.

Do everything a spot of good.

But that doesn’t make sense, and that’s okay

too because when I’m thinking about something

you’ve already gone off to feed us

which is what you’re supposed to do and

you do it wonderfully.

So who knows where I’ll be or who I’ll

be when you get this, the only thing

a person has to know is that love inside

us is only about us, no matter anything.

It’s not where you’re at or where it is but where you lay it.



All across the lands it is told

of these fabled mountains cold

and how many have ventured far

to be considered great and bold.

Blowing in the wind are the pipes

of many creatures of mythic types:

some sing, some ease into dreams.

One flies high, others wield their spikes.

An ancient and deep thrumming

churns the seat of the earth’s humming

and deep into the misty spire

is a Magi’s meditation on endless drumming.

In ceaseless thought he mentions

to darkness dancing, other dimensions.

In creative power he raises those dead,

Stirred from memory to theurgy’s invention.

All across the lands it is told

of these fabled mountains cold

and how many have ventured far

to read the scrolls, dusted old.

Cursory gesture is seen by the eyes

of beasts, people, and divine prize.

Whence forth the war begins in light,

and half-magic effort fails as it tries.

Energy crackles in electric blue

might surges forth, cadence hue

is sung just right, sought ascendency

and effort tried at least goes through.

Vision of the song grants great strength.

The honor it is to sing at length

of the great Magi whose magic

will remain greater in effort forever.

Motions passing through the mist

hint at forms both promising and missed.

Things loved by all who crave more,

this is a secret moment, a shared kiss.

All across the lands it is told

of these fabled mountains cold

and how many have ventured far

to seek the promise of the gold.


Magic is the science of Energy. It demonstrates the different natures of energyand their application. Energy applied to matter is what we call forceForce involves movement. Only movement, the manifestation of the application of a force on a matter is perceived by our senses.

The Expert At The Card Table

To pull two fools out of the rest,

Is to note a purely sincere request,

And to tell a short sweet jest.

To control the cards is the oldest trick in the books.

But to give of something is the most, in a magical look.

Aces, twos and a tres. One, two, three.

A subtle difference is always a reminder to stay positive, and in case you didn’t see it the positivity is definitely there.