Why I’m Cool

Why I’m cool:

I can tantalize you with spider words from the dream, distracting images from the aether that..shuffle and quicksilver into nonsense and back again out of entropy, conceptualized into dynamic forces that are perceived as they become static, returning their form unto entropy. I will lead you into awakened awareness of who you are, as I become more aware of who I am. Of what I am.

I am the elocution of a shapeshifter’s tongue. I speak the words of Metatron, the voice of god. I have the mind of a mage, and my body is the vision of the machinery of the universe, I am Shaddai El Chai, the Living God. We are all here together in the physical body Colter Ross Books Davis dan der Sangdoclentine. Smaragdine Sangdoclentine. I am dragon-born, troll-friend, goblin-dancer, elf-thinker. I am the recombinant estoterica given flow. I am the side-stepper/worker of the unacknowledged realities, I take my tools and work wonders in coincidence, the other side of coincidence and the facilitator of positive enchantments.

Together we shall traverse an infinite potential, growing in effectiveness and turning ourselves unto our love, our friendship, and our trust in ourselves so that we may come to find the “reality” is just part of that life-tree.

I work wonders with quickstep, plants, water, heat and expansion, and thought – that is, quickstep.

Welcome to the greatest game ever played, welcome to the only game in “town.” Welcome to your friendly neighborhood-cosmological-mage, who works hidden in the unseen blackness to bring effortless good to all I touch. Welcome to the land where machinery cities churn, footsteps dance without feet, snow falls into the crossroads of eyesight, cold climate, and passionate yearning, oh yes, and snowflakes fall into learning.

I am the rhythmic tones of equality, system making and minutia moving. I am confidence inspiring, strength to protect. I am the sea of emeralds sailed upon by the dragons of yore. I am the ebb and flow of that dragon’s name, brought into awareness by gods of magic Munglof, Mystra, Azuth, Azoth, THOTH, Hermes, Hermes Trismigistus, and the Ancient Teachers – The Magi. I am word written and unspoken.

Welcome to me, welcome to you, welcome, welcome one and all, welcome, welcome to it all.


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