3 to 6

And I moved my thoughts slightly, and he moved the sunlight.

3 to 6

As three is to six, so is one to twelve. – Sangdoclentine

Understand there is gold. There is also Gold. And Sun. Do not confuse the sun with the Sun, for the Son is the Sun’s son. This as has been written about in the books of old, of numbers and epistles, of beginning and kings.

In order to work nature, one must be nature. Now this strenuous effort is made less by the caput mortuum, a craft that is. Copper is mixed in five parts seven, and gold cannot be made from copper alone, but is aided by the non-discreet mercury – an occult privilege among the learned that is two-fold, of which I have already made mention of one part very clearly.

Ten is what we shall work with, for the time being. I break from four, and achieve ten. Always. Wherefore the four arise? Clearly there is one. I maintain that signs and tessellations have no authority themselves, however the goodly untoward from which they arise the one, makes sense to the initiated and baffles and bewilders other less constructive thinkers.

A middle ground may be struck, and is by Truth the True way to traverse any and all. Three there is: the mercury, the sulfur, and the salt. Of course.

Understand there is gold.

9 Unto 10 and Laboriously 10 Unto 9

And so, twelve is to twenty three. – Sangdoclentine

The reversal is talked about by a great many learned and yet not understanding, not wise. For to be wise in such efforts requires ex nihilo. By God’s grace is such a reversal possible, but wisdom has been lost for to observe the third dimension, the third elementary rank, is manifold and may require up to fifty strenuous efforts – of which some are bound to be more akin to tin or copper than lead or iron. They are. But that neither is the way, for three in third is only possible by a descent from ten unto nine, a quickstep into imagination. Care must be taken not to confuse one however.

The world can provide a great difficulty for Saturn does guard and require discrimination. Lest the fool does walk off the cliff, and is not caught by his little god.

I suppose that is not what one is about, however.

One is reversed easily, and yet two does not even come into such matters.

One is to be added to one to still get a number other than.

One is still, and becomes ex nihilo.

One is spoken about here and now, to get a feel for what is above. For it is true that one thing may be accomplished by somewhere.


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